Street Magic Levitation: Learn From Criss Angel Videos

In case you have been considering learning simple street magic levitation tricks you might then want to look at the repertoire of levitation tricks that are commonly performed by Criss Angel. You just cannot help but be impressed by Angel as he floats off the earth without any apparent device to support him and there are also no apparent items of equipment or wires that aid him in levitating.

Mindfreak TV Show

If you have observed Angel showing his tricks on the Mindfreak television show you might have caught him floating off the earth for as high as two feet only to then lend in a gentle manner on a ledge of a street bustling with activity. Learning street magic levitation tricks can help you also achieve similar results – provided you learn and master the elementary secrets of levitation.

Fortunately, for many budding and aspiring street magicians, there are the Angel videos that help explain how anyone can become adept at performing street magic levitation tricks. The levitation examples provided by Angel involve having to stand in front a magician’s prop with your back facing the audience.

The method applied to perform simple street magic levitation tricks is to place your feet together while wearing magnetized shoes. During a conversation with the audience you need to make use of the misdirection trick which is performed with your right hand while the left hand is concealed in a pocket. Inside the left pocket of his trousers is a panel that when opened will allow the right leg to come out of the shoe though the shoe that is magnetized will remain fixed to the pants. This conjures up an illusion of the shoe hanging.

It is vitally important that when performing this street magic levitation trick that you remove the right leg from a slit in the pant while at the same time using misdirection techniques to make the audience concentrate on the legs. If you succeed in removing the leg from the pants and planting it on the box you will have succeeded with this street magic levitation trick.

Learning street magic tricks can help you entertain a few people including your family members and close friends. Trying to learn street magic card tricks is another way of being the center of attention. The tricks are pretty simple to learn and with a lot of practice it is possible to master them and use your skills in entertaining everyone that has the patience of putting up with your tricks.